People argue. They have disputes about money. Instead of shooting each other, Americans tend to litigate.

About what?

  • The neighbor's run off water is flooding my house!
  • My contractor ran off without doing the work!
  • My supplier welched on his contract with me!
  • Some swindler ran off with my investment money!
  • Someone stole my trade secret!

My Job?

  • Stop the flooding.
  • Get your money back.
  • Get your money back.
  • Get your money back.
  • Stop the harm to you

Trademark and Copyright


  • What's a federal registration?
  • Can you help me get one?
  • Someone is using my trade name. Can you make him stop?
  • Someone copied me. Can you make him stop?

My job?

  • Get you a registration because you need it.
  • Help you
  • Stop someone from using your trusted name.

What else can I do for you? If you have a legal problem, and I cannot reasonably help you with it, I can guide you to somone who can help you. Car wrecks, divorces, wills, patents--I can guide you in your search for assistance.

Board Certified Civil Trial Law.
Named Texas Super Lawyer 2021.
Mark J. Zimmermann

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